The Forum, 27th November

Amazing show. First half was only tracks from the new album The Bravest Man in the Universe with Damon and Russell. The second half was like a Bobby Womack 101 with a full band.  Damon was on the side of the stage for the second part dancing around, singing along and getting the audience to join in - lots of clapping and arm waving did occur.  At one point, Damon told Bobby that he loved him which was lovely.

Bobby Womack’s daughter, Gina, joined him for a cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and then we all called him back for an encore, where he sang “California Dreamin’”.  Total legend and so grateful that through Damon working with him, I’ve managed to get into his music. Great atmosphere and venue. Fantastic way to spend my birthday!

(Hope photos aren’t too terrible, took ‘em with a BlackBerry!)

Damon Albarn Bobby Womack The Bravest Man In The Universe HMV Forum The Forum Kentish Town Richard Russell XL

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